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At Syntelica, our strength lies in simplifying the Information Technology landscape by helping you select and implement technologies that deliver maximum benefit to your enterprise.

Syntelica was created in 2006 when our founders recognized a growing opportunity to work with diverse organizations, delivering meaningful Information Technology solutions that empower businesses to succeed and to grow.

Communications Expense Management

Many companies are looking for a simple and cost effective approach to realizing operational savings.

The PinPoint Communications Expense Management Solution enables clients to manage I.T. and other Infrastructure elements, realizing savings and cost avoidance opportunities in an area that traditionally represents an enterprise's second largest operating expense.

Our solution is offered as either a managed service (hosted) or as a site-deployed solution, depending upon client need.

We have helped companies save over $20M in operating costs, simplified on-going procedures and automated related functionalities.

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Consulting for Contact Centres

We offer Consulting Services that enhance the performance of Contact Centres. Creating, refining and optimizing the customer experience is what we are all about.

Because the business of running a Contact Centre enterprise is primarily people and process centric, we understand that technology considerations generally arise when something goes wrong, or when utility gaps emerge. Providing useful applications that streamline workflow and that allow you to interact with your customer in a meaningful and cost effective manner represents the core of what we do. Flexibility, scalability, reliability and cost efficiency are not just lofty goals, they are critical to ensuring your continued success. Syntelica can add value to your business by working with you to identify and deliver on these opportunities.

Our services include a wide range of consulting, design, implementation and management specialties that are designed to adapt and transform your business.

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There are countless ways Syntelica can assist your business. To learn more about our consulting services and CEM software, please be sure to check out Consulting for Contact Centres & Communication Expense Management Solutions.