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Your communications expense management solution

By combining effective and simple to use software with efficient business processes, PinPoint CEM enables you to reduce your Telecommunications operating budget by up to 20% through:

  • Processes that ensure your enterprise pays only for services and equipment that are contracted for and utilized
  • The ability to manage multiple services and infrastructure from point of purchase to end of life
  • An application that can be leveraged by in-house staff that aligns with your organization's objectives
  • The assurance of a guaranteed 12 month ROI

This translates into SAVING OPPORTUNITIES.

Proven Tangible Benefits: How?

50% of savings typically realized through identification of billing and rate errors using the embedded PinPoint validation process.

15% of savings typically realized as a result of more informed and effective rate negotiations with vendors. PinPoint CEM provides the asset inventory that enhances your bargaining position.

25% of savings typically result from the initial physical audit and inventory setup, identifying improperly billed services.

10% of savings typically result from historical credits that can be extracted from suppliers with persistent billing errors.

Annual Savings Example

  • Online provisioning and billing authorization capabilities that eliminate paper-based processes.
  • Embedded billing validation and inventory reconciliation functions that simplify identification of cost saving opportunities.
  • Priority based ordering and invoice processing.
  • Accurate physical inventory of IT Assets.
  • Full suite of executive and operational reporting capabilities.
  • Accounts Payable interface capabilities, providing automated payment processing.