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Your communications expense management solution


The target ROI range is between 5 and 11 months.

Typical Investments Required:

  • Syntelica professional services to implement
  • Software licensing cost
  • Limited internal (client supplied) labour, for data gathering and validation
  • User training and transition to operational support
  • For premise based deployment only, solution hardware

Client Benefits Realized:

  • Cost reduction and credits related to improperly billed services
  • Elimination of late payment charges
  • Reduction in manual time related to bill processing and management of inventories
  • Cost allocation and user-based chargeback capabilities
  • An accurate and detailed inventory of services

The Opportunity Quantified

(000) Company A Company B Company C
Annual IT Operating Budget $5,000 $25,000 $50,000
Telecommunications Portion (Average @ 14%) $700 $3,500 $7,000
Savings Potential - @ 15%
Total Annual Savings $105 $525 $1,050
Three Year Cumulative $315 $1,575 $3,150
Savings Potential - @ 20%
Total Annual Savings $140 $700 $1,400
Three Year Cumulative $420 $2,100 $4,200

By combining simple and effective technology solutions with efficient business processes, the PinPoint Communications Expense Management solution will enable your company to achieve significant savings through:

  • Processes that ensure your enterprise only pays for the services and equipment that you are contracted for and utilize.
  • The ability to manage multiple facilities / assets from point of purchase to end of life.
  • The opportunity to save on existing and future facilities / asset costs as well as reducing annual operating budgets by as much as 20%.