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PinPoint integrates and streamlines the provisioning, billing, cost reporting and inventory management functions
through 4 adaptable Web modules:

Ordering Module:
Simplifies ordering process with multiple suppliers for voice/data network facilities services and mobile devices. Orders are sorted in priority sequence insuring resources are most effectively deployed.

  1. Orders are sent to a priority queue for review and processing.
  2. Additional notes/information can be viewed and edited prior to submitting.
  3. Provisioning module allows for continuity, accurate tracking and continuous inventory management.

Billing Module:
Consolidates invoice validation, allows for user-based chargeback and online payment processing capabilities.

  1. Invoice data are validated automatically and sorted by cost component and variance.
  2. User notes can be viewed and edited prior to submitting
  3. Billing module allows for financial continuity, accurate account reconciliation and continuous inventory management.

Inventory / Reporting Module:

Accesses inventory database and provides flexible reporting capabilities for ongoing asset and billing data management. The inventory / reporting module provides the ability to query and report on specific information using criteria such as date range, service location, vendor, account, etc.

The following reports are included as part of the PinPoint CEM reports library:

  • Charge Summary Report
  • Monthly Recurring Charge Variance Report
  • Billing Reconciliation Report
  • Order Queue Activity Report
  • Order Completed Order Report
  • Executive Financial Report

Additional reports are included in the standard PinPoint CEM reports library, with additional customized report options available.

Payment Interface Module:

Facilitates automation of payment processing by interfacing with AP systems.

The payment interface module is an optional component of the PinPoint CEM solution. This feature is customized based on a client's existing Accounts Payable system interface requirements.

Benefits of the automated payment processing module:

  • Eliminates the need to manually code and sign paper invoices, reducing processing time and turn-around.
  • Removes the possibility of manual coding / data entry errors as part of recurring monthly bill processing.

PinPoint CEM can be configured to interface with virtually any Accounts Payable system in order to automate payment processing.