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Consulting for Contact Centres


Every business should be aware of the potential for disaster and service interruption. The key to being prepared lies in having a detailed, well understood and up to date plan to respond when a situation occurs. But many business don't, so where to begin?

As an I.T. Manager, your business stakeholders will define the expectations of systems and applications, including Contact Centre technologies, while a disaster or significant event unfolds. This may include five nines up time, limited but sustained operations, or an orderly shut-down of the systems supporting their business.

As a Business or Contact Centre Manager, you may have a commitment to support your customers come what may, and that means zero systems impact, mitigation procedures or offsite recovery using your Contact Centre staff.

At Syntelica, we can help both Business Managers and I.T. Managers assess their current continuity plans, and work with you to augment as required. For an I.T. Manager, this includes auditing back-up and restore procedures, power and network systems, environmental and site access strategies, spares and replacement inventories, up-stream and down-stream systems impacts and contingencies, and critically: Staffing and communications plans during the event.

For Business or Contact Centre Managers, we can assist by detailing recovery plans for Contact Centres, including fail-over contact routing and processing, self service recovery and remote access strategies for your agents. We can also assist in developing those requirements that I.T. Managers will need in order to properly mitigate the next event.

We at Syntelica have a wealth of experience not only in planning for disaster recovery, but in executing successfully. Having managed in excess of 10 centres with over 5,000 seats, we have sustained operations during extreme weather events, prolonged power outages and facilities evacuations. We have the experience and expertise to assist you develop a Business Continuity Plan whether you are starting from scratch, or seeking to enhance you current plan.

Other areas where our Business Continuity Planning Portfolio can assist your Contact Centre business include:

  • BCP plan development for business groups and I.T. groups
  • Identify up-stream and down-stream event impacts
  • Build and assess communications and I.T. staffing plans
  • Design and implement systems to support recoverability
  • Execute DR testing
  • Facilitate hosted or remote Disaster Recovery solutions

“We are committed to the design and deployment of technology solutions that improve contact centre performance and facilitate the achievement of business goals”.